Practical Tips and Strategies On How To Pass The FRACP Exam.

Written by yours truly – Dr. M Hafetz.

Suggested Study Materials/Resources:

1) RACP college lectures

To subscribe to these lectures, go to the official RACP website for details.

These college lectures are very valuable as it provides you with a basic framework for your revision and gives you an idea of what areas of medicine that the college expects you to know and therefore would have a very high yield of coming up in the exam. So study around these topics.

The lectures can be attended live or could be watched online later and can be printed out in PDF format. Study ALL of them and add on your own study notes.


A hard copy of the MKSAP is available on our online bookstore or a digital version can be obtained on their official website.

MKSAP MCQs are not the best practice for the RACP written exams as the questions are relatively easier than the real exam but they are a good starting point.

MKSAP has questions broken down by subtopics so it is possible to study something like scleroderma and then go and do the MKSAP MCQs on scleroderma.

However, be aware that for certain topics such as choice of antibiotics in infectious diseases, the American guidelines are completely different to the Australian guidelines and so these are less useful.

3) UptoDate (USA)

UptoDate is an excellent study resource for your revision but the information available is vast, so you have to be selective.

Use it to study certain specific topics in question that you would find difficult to find the answers anywhere else.

4) Australian Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG)

The Australian Therapeutic Guidelines put out pocket books on most subjects that can be ordered through this website:

There is a mini version of this guideline that you can purchase and have it on your mobile devices.

These guidelines compliment the material that you’ve read from MKSAP or UptoDate on therapeutics as it ensures that your revision is in line with the current Australasian guidelines.

Also look at the Key references taken to set up these guidelines as there could be a lot of potential questions that could come up from these articles.

5) Journals:

In order of exam relevance:

The New England Journal of Medicine
The Lancet
Internal Medicine Journal, the British Medical Journal.
Medical Journal of Australia.

In general, you should focus on reading review articles and clinical practice articles.

There is a rumour that the college uses journal articles from the last 2 years or so before the exam to generate questions. So keep a look out!!


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