A Quick Overview of The Clinical Exam.

Details of the exam could be found on the college website. Please read this document carefully!!

Basically, candidates will be examined on two long cases and four short cases.


The Long Case Assessment:

Candidates are given 60 minutes to take a history, examine and develop a management plan for the patient.

Then 10 minutes to prepare your discussion and move to the examiner’s room following your history taking with the patient.

Spend 25 minutes discussing the patient with one team of examiners.

The long case exam tests your ability to:

  • take an accurate history and report the relevant clinical findings on examination in a concise and succinct way.
  • reflect and respond to the clinical problems at hand with a matured level of discussion.
  • come up with possible diagnosis, investigations required and their appropriateness
  • see the ‘big picture’ and able to make an overall interpretation and a holistic approach to management.


The Short Case Assessment:
Each short case will last for 15 minutes.

The short case exam tests your ability to:

  • perform the correct physical examination technique
  • elicit physical signs
  • interpret and apply clinical findings.
  • comment on relevant diagnostic tests (e.g. X-rays, ECGs)
  • discuss the appropriate investigations.

As of 2013 onwards, you are required to pass at least one short case and one long case in order to pass the exam. If you do not meet these criteria you will fail the exam regardless of your final score.


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