IMPORTANT: If you are attempting to use this quiz system for the first time, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST


Here are 5 Tips on how to get the best out of our quiz system:


1) You have 19 specialty quizzes to choose from with unlimited attempts. 

  • Log in to your virtual Classroom and you will see a list of 19 Specialty Quizzes for you to undertake.
  • Under the Action column, click on the START button to begin a quiz (See Picture 1).
  • Once a specialty quiz has been started, a tick sign will appear.
  • To re-take a quiz again in that specialty, simply click on the specialty itself under the Title column (See Picture 2).






(Picture 1)






(Picture 2)



2) You can select the amount of questions you wish to answer for each session.

  • At the start of the quiz, look for this special button as pictured below.
  • Click on it and choose the amount of questions you wish to undertake for that particular session.
  • We recommend choosing between 15-20 questions for each session.












3) You can review all your quiz attempts once completed.

  • Once a quiz is completed, you will receive immediate feedback to inform you if you passed or failed a session.
  • The Passing mark is set at 60 percent. So if your score is below 60%, then the system will invite you to re-take the test again.
  • If you would like to review a specific session, go back to your classroom and click on the link which says Completed.
  • Then under the Title column, click on the corresponding specialty quiz that you wish to review.
  • Under the Score Report column, click on Show to reveal your score report in detail including all the questions answered along with explanations.











4) You can save the quiz progress and resume it at a later date.

  • Once a quiz has started, look for the Save button located on the bottom right hand corner.
  • Simply click on the Save button and the system will save your current progress which you can later resume at a later date that is convenient for you.












5) There is no need for any fancy app. Our website is already mobile optimized.

  • You can access our website on either desktop or mobile.
  • Please refer to the instructions below on how to create an ‘app’ on your iphone or Android mobile.