IMPORTANT: If you are attempting to use this quiz system for the first time, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST


Here are 5 Tips on how to get the best out of our quiz system:


1) Choose from 19 specialty quizzes with unlimited number of attempts. 

  • Log in to your virtual Classroom and you will see a list of 19 Specialty Quizzes for you to undertake.
  • Under the Action column, click on the START button to begin a quiz (See Picture 1).
  • Once a specialty quiz has been started, a tick sign will appear.
  • To re-take a quiz again in that specialty, simply click on the specialty itself under the Title column (See Picture 2).



(Picture 1)




(Picture 2)






2) Customize your quiz session.

  • To start a quiz, simply click on the START button.
  • A new session always starts with Question 1.
  • You may choose do any number of questions for each session. However, we would recommend answering the questions in sequence ie: 1-10 in the first session, then 11-20 on your next session, etc, though this is not compulsory.
  • If you wish to skip some questions, then click on the icon pictured below
  • IMPORTANT: Remember to click the Save button at the end of your practice session to Save Progress.

















3) Review all your quiz attempts once completed.

  • Once a quiz is completed, you will receive feedback to inform you the number of questions you got right.
  • If you would like to review a specific session, go back to your classroom and click on the link which says Completed.
  • Then under the Title column, click on the corresponding specialty quiz that you wish to review.
  • Under the Score Report column, click on Show to reveal your score report in detail including all the questions answered along with explanations.











4) Have our website ‘App’ on your mobile. 

  • You can access our website on either desktop or mobile phone.
  • Please refer to the instructions below on how to create an ‘app’ on your iphone or Android mobile.


5) We encourage you to discuss or submit feedback to the questions.

Have any comment or suggestion? Send us a Feedback