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Welcome and thank you for visiting this website.

My name is Dr Hafetz and I am currently a dual trainee with the RACP in the field of General medicine and Respiratory medicine in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am one of the successful candidates in the FRACP Part 1 exam in 2011.

This was my first attempt.

The FRACP exam is a really difficult exam (You don’t need me to tell you that).

But it is not an impossible task. It needs a lot of commitment, hard work and most importantly STRATEGY.

It took me about a year to actually prepare for this exam.The syllabus covered by the college is huge so you need a lot of time for preparation.

But where to start?

Working in a rural hospital in New Zealand back then, it was a challenge for us to get regular teachings so most of our study material were based on past papers, college lectures, revision course materials and also the recommended references like Harrisons, UpToDate and MKSAP.

What I realized after so many months of studying was that I wasn’t retaining those information effectively. I would study it today just to forget it the next day.

I had to work out a way of how to make this recalling process easier and so thought of the concept of setting up a multiple choice question based program on the internet.

I started with only a few questions at first then slowly build it up as I studied.

If you go through the past papers from the college, you’ll soon realize that the college loves to repeat certain “Themes” or topics, year after year.

But the mistake that a lot of candidates make is to only know that particular answer and not studying around the topic.

It is the topic that’s important, not the individual question. Some of the answers could even be out of date as new medical discoveries are made each year.

So I came up with this website which is basically a collection of MCQs that has been created closely to the themes from the college and in my explanation section, I have included some references to assist you with your own reading on the topic.

It is not by any means a complete source of reference but rather a form of learning aid which I hope would be helpful as part of your revision.

The program gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself , helps you identify your weak areas early on in your studies and identify the gaps in your knowledge. The rest is up to you.

FRACPractice is committed to offer a quality revision resource at the least cost to yourself as possible. We are able to offer this by relying on word-of-mouth recommendations rather than funding expensive advertising campaigns. So if you find FRACPractice useful, tell a colleague!

I hope this program would be of some use to you in your preparation for this big exam as it has been for me.

Any feedback on this website would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Dr. M F Hafetz
Founder of FRACPractice.
Auckland, New Zealand.

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